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Albena Maneva Krstevska

Graduated psychologist
Aleksandar Krstevski

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What else we are offering you

  • curing the cause of disease, not only the symptons.

  • not invasive treatments.

  • treatments of reducing the stress.

  • treatments of improving the digestion and the resorption of vitamins and minerals.

  • we are helping for faster rehabilitation after surgical treatments or fractural bones.

  • osteoporosis prevention.

  • we are helping of keeping your energy and vitality.

  • improving the immunity.

  • reducing the inflammatory proces.

  • detoxification.

  • we are performing allergy-test of over 250 allergens and successful elimination the specific allergic reply with efficacy of 94 %.

  • treatments by functional sterility.

  • BR-therapy by functonal eyesight disturbance-painless, not invasive, it’s lasting only about 30 min. daily and could considerably improve your eyesight.

  • we are using alternative methods, combining Bio-resonant therapy in case of hard diseases / malignancies, tumors, autoimmune diseases.

  • we are helping during spastic or flabby paralysis, especially at the children with cerebral paralysis.

  • we are doing treatments to break of a habit; smoking, or the other dependences.