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L.I.F.E. System

Biofeedback Test and Treatment Equipment

After having introduced Functional Electro-Dynamic Test (FEDT) and the extremely sophisticated Cerebellum Multifunction Medical Instrument in 1994, Hippocampus Research Facilities has participated in the development of a new user friendly portable equipment: the L.I.F.E. System.

The L.I.F.E. System performs a very rapid over all test of the entire organism providing information about each sub-system, their metabolic state; classifies data about nutritional and energetic aspects of the tissue through bioinformatic process analysis.

These tests are made in the following way:

  • substance or physiological state specific signals (such as orthomolecular substances, enzymes, hormones, allergens, environmental toxins, nosodes, sarcodes, homeopathic remedies, etc.) are emitted by the device.
  • evoked potentials produce test results.
  • analysis of the dynamics of evoked potentials makes classification of different positive reactions possible.
  • applying the test signals for a duration of several minutes we can give immediate treatments (and further monitor the response of the organism).

Therapy sessions can be conducted also directly through activating a treatment panel (without test assessment each time), such as in case of bone repair stimulation.

On the above Bone Profile it is possible to choose different bone related signal packages for feedback application.

Emphasis can be put, as on most of the treatment panels, on the most common type of altered states in order to facilitate normalization of physiological metabolic activity.

L.I.F.E. System features an overall screening possibility with around 7000 test items plus specialized panels such as:

  • amino acids, vitamins, minerals
  • hormones
  • toxins
  • allergy
  • acupuncture
  • homeopathy
  • emotions
  • spine
  • anti-aging

On the Meridian Profile it is possible to test the 14 regular meridians and all their points.

An encyclopedic description and a chart representation of point locations facilitate the orientation; treatments are easy to activate by direct click on the meridian or any of it’s point and set duration of the feedback assessment.

Auto Feedback is an automatic feedback possibility based on the test results.

Accent on a specific part of the body can be put through the Quadrant Feedback panel.

Among other test functions it is also possible to test where the body needs help actually the most; which part of the organism can use corrective signals the best.

Adaptation activities can be carried out better in consecutive sequences and it has a very positive effect on the treatment outcome if different sub-system’s adaptation capability is known.

Susceptibility Index provides these data; by taking these in consideration orientation of further testing can be specified and treatment planning will be simplified.


L.I.F.E. System is the finest evoked potential biofeedback and stress management device, which may be used as a bridge between allopathic and holistic, traditional and energetic medicine.

It records reactive, informational stress potentials provided by the client during the assessment procedure. The computer evaluates such responses, and then challenges the individual with that information by feeding it back to the client.

This process assist the organism`s own natural defense mechanisms by triggering and facilitating adaptation reactions and with this encouraging energetic balance and harmony.

This enables the organism that a river of energy connects every tissue and organ, every thought and every emotion. The flow or blockage of energy reflects a profound system of communication that demonstrates the mind-body intelligence.

Disturbing stress factors can be identified, which produce an alarm response in the body, which if not managed by the organisms own natural resources, can lead to distress and functional symptoms. Functional symptoms if not corrected lead to permanent cellular, tissue and organ disturbance also causing histological defects.

The L.I.F.E. System helps to identify such stress factors and facilitate distress-specific adaptation activity of the organism.

The L.I.F.E. System is the most advanced test and biofeedback test unit available.