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MCC - Mobile Cell Com

MCC works with the endogenous (internally generated) information of the treated organism and provides the most personalized treatment possible.

It captures the organism's bioinformatic control signals with special multilayer magnetic electrodes that filter out the information content of the biological window which needs correction. The output electrode provides the proper, necessary treatment signals to the actual state of the organism.

MCC features 543 different treatment programs for the fine tuning of different metabolic processes.

It enhances accuracy of signal filtering and transmission by using the broadest applied frequency range among bioresonance devices (1 Hz – 1 MHz), with unparalleled dynamism utilizes permanent modulation – signal alterations every 1/100th of a second! Additionally, with the application of endogenous BRT from the MCC, a new dimension of effectiveness is achievable even in chronic cases of the following:

Allergy – MCC use in Europe has documented 94% effectiveness in the total elimination of specific allergic responses! Specific programs treat allergy related mycosis super-infections and intestinal flora normalization.

Potentiating the immune system

  • Direct improvement of immune cell activity
  • Facilitating white blood cell production
  • Immunization through improvement of the digestive process and the status of the large intestine

Hormonal treatments

  • Adolescent, adult and menopause hormonal treatments for women
  • Programs for prostate enlargement related disorders and other andrological problems
  • CNS related hormone regulation disorders
  • Endocrine gland related hormonal problems
  • Skin related hormonal problems
  • Optimizing the activity of the nervous and glandular systems

The MCC is also applicable to numerous other areas including but not limited to detoxification, scar regeneration, back pain, vertebral disc problems, psychological and stress-related disorders.

The possibilities of BRT with the MCC is staggering, however, with easy to run software, application of this device is extremely user friendly:

  • Simple program operation, clothes-on treatment
  • Compose the entire treatment session in one step
  • Easy electrode placement on wrists and neck
  • Short therapy sessions, usually 20 minutes
  • No pain, no inconvenient sensations of any kind
  • Functions on its own rechargeable battery power
  • Portability allows BRT on the sporting fields

Safety guaranteed!

No danger of electric shock with 12 V battery operations. Infra-red computer connection reduces e-smog as well!

By providing the highest level personalized treatment, enhanced signal, dynamic modulation, effective applications, MCC is the most attractive tool for health care professionals.