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M-r. D-r.
Albena Maneva Krstevska

Graduated psychologist
Aleksandar Krstevski

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More about M-r, D-r Albena Maneva Krstevska

  • ===================
  • Nationality - Macedonian.
  • I am graduated from the university of medicine in Belgrade.
  • Orthopedic specialist with passed specialistic examination from the university of medicine in Skopje.
  • Postgraduate studies and defense of magistrally dissertation passed at the orthopedic clinic from the university of medicine in Skopje.
  • Until May 2002 year, I was permanently employed at the special hospital of orthopedic and traumatology in Ohrid, and after that my professional occupation I perform privately.
  • I have created a center of improvement psicho-physical condition where everyone may take advices and help for various pathological conditions. During my work I use the most sophisticated software from the bioinformatics field for functional diagnostic and therapy with holistic access to state of health. I have carried out four level of education for Bio-resonant therapy and diagnostic in collaboration with Hippocampus Institut and under leadership of it’s president Gabor Lednyiczky.
  • I have carried out an expert reside 1985/86 year at the Institut Calot-Berck Sur Mer in France, like asistent in the spinal department under leadership of Dr. Chopin.
  • A continual study stay for the duration of a month from 1988-1994 year in the same Institut-France.
  • From 1995 year, I am an active member of Societe Internationale de recherche et d' etude sur le rachis - SIRER and member of GICD group.
  • In 1998 year an expert reside at the orthopedic clinic from the university of medicine in Padova-Italy, under leadership of Prof. Dr. D.Fabris.
  • In 1998, 1999, 2002 year, a study stay in Lyon-France at the Centre des Massus - Alexandre Bonjean, Clinique Orthopedique Emillie de Vialar.
  • In 1999 year, a study stay at hospital Saint - Vincent de Paul in Paris under leadership od Prof. Dr. J. Dobousset, especially for congenital spine anomaly.
  • I have carried out several times the expert reside at spinal center from the university hospital called ,Dubrava’ in Zagreb-Croatia in collaboration with Prof. Dr. V.Kovac.
  • I have been working continually more than 20 years about spinal disease and deformity as conservatively as operatively.
  • I collaborate with surgical clinics from the university of medicine in Skopje-Macedonia.
  • I have been participated with my expert works on many internationally meetings and forums organized in Macedonia and foreign.